Brazzers vs. Reality Kings: Who Has the Better Porn?


With so many porn production companies out there, we can now easily watch some of the best porn videos the industry has to offer. Big production companies can hire some of the most skilled film makers to fulfill your wildest porn fantasies. These videos are made with the hottest porn stars, the highest-quality gear, and often the most entertaining plots.

When we talk about porn that has a high production value, you can’t avoid mentioning two of the biggest production companies in the porn industry: Brazzers and Reality Kings. These two companies go head to head when it comes to creating the best porn films in the market.

So which of these two companies have the best porn videos? Are Brazzers videos better than those by Reality Kings or is it the other way around? Below are some of the facts, but ultimately, we’ll let you decide.

Brazzers Porn vs. Reality Kings Porn: An Overview

Let’s first get to know Brazzers a little better. Brazzers has more than 6,000 HD videos filled with all sorts of racy content. The Brazzers brand consists of 33 sub-sites for every fantasy, fetish, and kink you may have. Their videos and images feature more than 1,800 gorgeous male and female models. When it comes to downloading their content, you can download as many as you want!

Reality Kings, on the other hand, has more videos with upwards of 9,300 porn movies you can enjoy. They have 45 sub-sites for all your pornographic needs, and they work with more than 5,700 models. However, when it comes to downloads, you can only download 10GB worth of films a day. That’s not so bad because how much porn can you possibly want to download in a day, anyway?

Brazzers vs. Reality Kings Porn Content

Brazzers has consistently won AVN awards since 2009. They pride themselves on creating porn that caters to your fantasies. It doesn’t matter that none of their porn plots would work out in real life. Brazzers only wants you to suspend disbelief for a moment and convince yourself that those hot women want to sleep with the plumber, the pizza delivery guy, and that hot gym coach.

One of the most striking things about Brazzers porn is that they feature women who have giant breasts. There are a handful of women in the videos that have average-sized boobs, but the majority of them are at least a cup C. So if you love women with giant knockers, Brazzers is the porn site for you.

Reality Kings, as the name implies, creates porn that features “amateurs.” They’re not truly amateurs, however. Instead, they’re women who pretend to be regular people, and then they get into all sorts of sexual shenanigans. Reality Kings videos have reality-style videos that often have similar plots. Some of the most popular plots are the casting couch, the fake taxi, and the fake study buddy premise.

When it comes to the models, Reality Kings actresses usually have that girl-next-door look. They’re meant to look like beautiful women you might encounter in real life. Of course, they are actually paid porn stars, but their “regular gal” look helps to sell the whole “reality” premise of Reality Kings porn.

The Verdict

If you want big-breasted babes in all sorts of unrealistic but boner-inducing scenarios, pick Brazzers. However, if you want the “reality” feel in porn with women who look like regular people, pick Reality Kings.

Remember, no one ever said you had to pick just one site to get your fix!